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  • v2.1: October 24th 2017
  • v2.0: February 13th 2017

Auburn Sounds
Based in Grenoble, France

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June 01th, 2015


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Vibrant is a high speed arena shooter that delivers fast paced action and fresh gameplay. Master combat with inertia and free yourself from the Grid.


Vibrant 2 is a high-speed arena shooter game for PC and Mac. The player is invited to finish the 31 levels before the alloted time has elapsed, in order to escape "the Grid" where her trial is taking place.

The raw gameplay value relies on the movement mechanics, with the focus on inertia and the use of the leash in combat.

Despite the looks, Vibrant tends to be markedly addictive: dogfighting with creative AIs, ability to catch nearby things, sticky physics, storyline with multiple endings... all under an all-encompassing time-attack. The explicit goal is to be as intense an experience as possible. As a sort of digital caffeine, it isn't recommended to play Vibrant one hour before bed-time.

A sort of Digital Caffeine

Vibrant is not a one-shot game: replaying the sequence of levels, finding ways to win some precious seconds, is necessary. The player is encouraged to take risks, as the penalty for losing a life is only one second.

While the action is stressful on purpose, moments of cold reflexion are necessary to win some precious time. As reflex memory builds up, the game entices the player to learn levels idiosyncrasies, some of which are akin to puzzles.

The music is evidently a big part of the game, forever repeated like a mantra, as it serves as a timing cue: how far the player should be?

At one point the player has to choose: in the goal to reach the end game, she must abandon previous referential of past performance and enter a state of odd super-focus and detachment. There might be no possible victory without getting in the "Zone".

As cheesy as it sounds, Vibrant the game, is not really about the game. More than any previous incarnation, it is about time, obsession and perhaps more scarily: becoming alien to oneself. Addiction comes with a bitter price.


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Selected Articles

  • "When I do have a good ship built up, and I’ve made it through several levels by the skin of my teeth, I can get worked up enough to break a sweat."

    - Paul Villapiano, TIGSource Blog
  • "As soon as you race elegantly through the arena you will notice that it’s a blast to play."

    - Simon Kaizen, Pixel Prospector


Guillaume Piolat

Nelson Tavares
Game Music (live electronics act recorded in one shot)