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•• About ••

• What is Crajsh? •

Crajsh is a multiplayer, split-screen snake-game in the browser. You can play it with 0 to 3 friends, depending on your rethorical skills.

• What is CRASH? •

Crajsh is actually a remake of CRASH, an old game from Digital Nightmare. When I was a child I used to play this game with my sisters. But the game would not run on today's computers. So I made a remake to revive this gameplay. I added destructible patterns, powerups, smarter AI, ennemies views.

• What's the goal of the game? •

As of today there isn't any. Being the last to survive is somewhat satisfying. It's intended to be played with friends but can be played alone too for maximum sadness.

• How to fire a bullet? •

There is two ways to do it. Either press the opposite direction from where you are going, or press the dedicated key. You have to wait a bit to fire another bullet.

• Browser compatibility •

Crajsh should be working in the following browsers: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 8+, Opera 10+, Safari, IE 9 beta. It was not tested on mobile browsers.

•• The makers ••

• Who is kaneel? •

kaneel is a bedroom musician. He has a website and a SoundCloud. If you are making a game get in touch with him, he is very pleasant to work with.

• Who is graindolium? •

graindolium is a multifaceted individual. He makes evil music, pixel, paintings and demos.

• Who is ponce? •

Me. I'm the coder behind Games From Mars. I made two other games: Vibrant and Wormhol. You can follow me on twitter, read my blog and get spammed on facebook about my non-business. I'm searching for a job.

•• Technical ••

• How does Crajsh work? •

I'll be writing an article in my blog about it. In the meantime you can try to reverse it, it will be fun. Actually I plan to sell the source code.

• What bugs did you find? •

I would like Firefox 4 beta to keep sending "ended" events when an audio media end. Like it used to.
I would like IE 9 beta to stop putting a limiter on the top of his audio mixer and do like other browsers do.
I would like Opera to play a sound instantly when I ask to. I know it was already downloaded.
I would like Javascript to have integers. Seriously.

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